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Quotation Rotation #3 June 14, 2008

Posted by alwaysjan in Quotation Rotation.
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“A bunny boiler”Lesley in the UK

A more colorful and cinematic moniker for a female stalker. Inspired by the movie, Fatal Attraction, in which Glenn Close played the one-night stand who refused to take a hint. The movie predated publication of He’s Just Not That Into You, so the character had no choice but to extract revenge on her lover’s family pet.

I first heard, “She’s a bunny boiler,” when I was in England over New Year’s. My friend, Lesley, said it was from some old movie… “Fatal Attraction!” I blurted out. Say no more. I thought it was interesting that it’s an American film, but the phrase has become part of the lexicon across the pond. While in London, I actually saw “bunny boiler” in the newspaper. A well-known playwright had an affair with a woman he met on-line who’d carefully cultivated this “relationship.” At one point she wrote him, “How do you know I’m not some bunny boiler?” Later, she published a scathing tell-all account of their disappointing encounter. So she WAS a bunny boiler, but no animals were harmed in the making of this very public fiasco.

Photo Credit:  Bunny Boiler by Vermin Inc on Flickr.


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