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Wrangling Dust Bunnies June 20, 2008

Posted by alwaysjan in Home Front.
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Summer Vacation is here, which means I have nine months of deferred housework to catch up on.  During the school year, I can make excuses for these lapses in basic sanitation, but come June I’m out of school AND excuses.  

The vacuum cleaner has been artfully positioned just inside the front door since the Christmas tree came down.  Think staging.  If anyone just stops by, this gives the illusion that they just interrupted my frenzied cleaning.  To sustain this ruse though, you have to remember to dust the vacuum cleaner itself and drag it around by its leash from time to time.  I have a friend who leaves her vacuum cleaner out so after a family member trips on the trip wire, I mean cord, they’ll become so fed up that THEY do the vacuuming.  I call that a plan.

You have to understand that we have two dogs.  Petey, the one we think is half coyote, sheds fur like a snow blower in Detroit.  Vacuuming, therefore, is our bedrock of home maintenance.  I do get around to vacuuming eventually, and isn’t it really the thought that counts?  

Years back,  I asked my then 13-year-old son, Ian, if he could tidy up the house and vacuum.  We came home and couldn’t believe what a fantastic job he’d done.   When his OCD kicks in, he’s a hard one to beat.  But the next day I started noticing there were cumulous clouds of dust on top of all the lampshades in the living room.  There were also dust drifts on the window sills.  Later, Ian confessed he’d gone out to the garage, gotten the electric-powered leaf blower, and taken it for a quick spin through the house.  The wooden floors looked fabulous, but for the next few months, I felt like I was living inside a snow globe as gravity took its toll. 

So, what am I doing right now?  I’m sitting on the computer with my back to the vacuum.  I’m snubbing it.  It’s not like it’s going anywhere without me, and with Edison urging people to cut back on the consumption of electricity during peak hours, I’m exercising restraint.  I will get to the vacuuming later, as soon as I finish cutting those crop circles in the overgrown lawn out front.  









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