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Quotation Rotation #5 July 15, 2008

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“googleganger”Catherine in Kansas

You can find your “googleganger” by googling your own name to see what all of the other “yous” are up to.  If your name is common, you can find a virtual army of “yous,” many whom are infinitely more accomplished than you could ever hope to be!  The term comes from combining “Google” with the German expression, “Doppelganger.”

My son Ian took my husband aside one day and confided, “I’m worried about Mom spending so much time on the computer.  I just noticed she was googling herself!”  I assured him it was for research purposes only, and I think he believed me!  

When I googled myself, I was shocked to see another serious writer shared my name.  She’d already marked her territory in Blogdom with MY name.  In her bio, it says Jan is a “motivational speaker and a clinical hypnotherapist.” Hello?  That’s the job description for a teacher!  It went on to say she lives by her credo, “We all live with grief, dissapointments, and some really bad fish, yet not a shread of evidence exists that life is serious.”  And she lives in California.  Cue “Twilight Zone” music. 

One of my other googlegangers works at Southwest Airlines in Public Relations and has something called an “Executive Profile,” whereas I have a paycheck stub.  Another “me” is an attorney in Utah. Who would have known I’d be so successful?  Do you know who your “googlegangers” are?  Or could you be SO unique, you really are the one and only?


1. Catherine Sherman - July 16, 2008

OMG! I just started a commentary on this last night! What’s that phenomenon called — when two people are writing something on the same topic at the same time?! All night I was thinking of googleganger, after spending the evening collecting Cathy Shermans.(Just for research, too, of course.) This goes way beyond the googling of my name I told you about earlier, an “innocent” effort just to find online the article I wrote about Topeka Shiner research.

Last night’s obsession was triggered by a woman with “my” name in Australia who is collecting all of the Cathy/Catherine Shermans (Kathys need not apply, ha, ha) on facebook in her friends list, so I collected a few, too, and last night I discovered a facebook group called “Shermans Unite!” so now I’m a member.

My daughter’s boyfriend Ryan is in a facebook group comprised of twenty others with his first and last name — mostly in Australia. Those Australians really do reach out to the rest of the world. Must be lonely Down Under. Years ago, I read about a group of guys named Jim Smith or Jim Wilson or some completely common name who all met for a convention regularly. They had to find one another the old-fashioned conventional way — through the phone book. How quaint.


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