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Summer – 1/2 Gone July 29, 2008

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It’s official.  Summer Vacation is half over.  My friend Christine told me yesterday and didn’t even bother to try to paint the glass as half-full.  That leaves only five weeks to cram in all the wild activities I’d planned for this summer.  Oh, make that four weeks, as I’m doing a week-long math training in August.  I might as well start ironing the clothes I’m going to wear the first day back.  And where did I put those student name tags?

I can’t really complain as many of my colleagues fought the good fight and taught Summer School, which is now referred to as Intervention, as when they’re done, they WILL require some sort of professional intervention.

It used to be that when teachers were asked what the best part of teaching was, they gave three reasons; June, July, and August.  Seeing as how my school lets out the third week of June, that no longer flies.  Also, In my district, we’re not paid over the summer, so between July 1 and Oct. 1, I’m performing without a net. Time to dip into all those canned goods that were stockpiled in anticipation of Y2K.  

I spent the first half of the summer preparing for and entertaining my friends from England.  But now the lawn is long gone, as are the houseguests, and sadly, the summer is half gone as well.  From this point on, every minute counts.  I remind myself of this when I’m lying in bed at 10 a.m. or contemplating taking a shower and getting dressed before “Oprah” airs.

Last summer I packed up my car the last day of school, then drove around all summer without ever getting around to unpacking it.  In September, I carried all the same stuff back up to my classroom.  At least this summer I’ve unpacked the inside of the car, but the trunk is still fully loaded.  I’ve forgotten, however, what was so valuable that I had to bring it home in the first place.

We were inundated with new curriculum last year, so I did bring home all of the Teacher’s Editions to get a head’s up over the summer.  Now if only I could find them.

So. tomorrow I’m going to get up early as I’ve got a lot to cram into every day from now until Sept. 2nd.  Just don’t call me before 10 a.m., okay?


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