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Sneezin’ in Parisian October 22, 2008

Posted by alwaysjan in Teaching.
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It’s officially Day 20 of my cold.  I’ve had three days of antibiotics and my head still feels like it’s stuffed with cotton.  The minimum wage employee who answered the phone at my doctor’s office assured me that he would “talk” to my doctor.  My doctor is supposed to call in a prescription for an even BETTER antibiotic, but I’m not holding my breath.  Today, I actually asked a student to lean closer to talk in my ear.  When that didn’t work, I told her she needed to yell.  I walked around the classroom clinging to a box of tissues.  Then my cell phone rang.  When I saw the call was from my friend, Lesley, in England, I HAD to answer it.  Yes, I actually had my cell phone on me (and thankfully not in my bra, where I stoop to carrying it when I have no pockets).  

Lesley was calling to tell me she and her husband are in Paris and it’s FABULOUS.  The kid who’s new to our school and just moved from Perris, California perked up at the mention of Paris.  I mouthed to him, “Paris, as in FRANCE.”  

Least you think I robbed my students of precious educational minutes while I chatting on the phone in front of the entire class, I turned this surprise call into what we teachers call a “teachable moment.”  I drew a popsicle stick with a student’s name on it, and the girl got to talk to Lesley and listen to her oh-so British accent.  They compared ages:  8<45 (an Inequality), and I had her ask Lesley how to spell “color.”  My student looked confused when she repeated “C-O-L-O-U-R.”  My class in unison said, “Weird!”  After the call, we calculated the 8-hour time difference.  That’s Elapsed Time in Teacher Talk.

When the box of tissues was exhausted, I switched to the roll of paper towels I’d brought from home.  With the roll under my arm, I received the following text messages from Lesley later in the day. 

“Hi darling!  Lovely to hear your voice.  We are on the left bank in a little cafe eating french onion soup. We have just been to the eiffel tower.”  

Half a roll of paper towels later, I received the following message.

“It was lit up and looked like a giant christmas tree. Going 2 the louve tomorrow and the moulin rouge in the evening.  XXX Lesley”

What’s wrong with this picture?  I’d rather be in Paris.  Bonne chance!


1. Bev from england - October 24, 2008

Cant believe youre still suffering from your cold ! Lucky, lesley Paris sounds wonderful….

LOL at your impromptu teaching session and btw theres nothing wrong with ‘colour’ 😉



2. lesley - October 25, 2008

You poor thing you! Hope you are feeling better. Next time you and Richard must come with us… The bare chested Can Can Girls are a little over rated, I have been informed that next time we have to see a transvestite show, much more fun apparently???
Lesley XXX


3. Catherine Sherman - October 28, 2008

Ah, technology. You can say, “Bon jour, ma cheri,” halfway across the world. Back in the stone age, when I was in Paris, my only contact with home was a trip to the American Express office to pick up a two-week-old letter that told me that my house had a power outage because of a huge rainstorm. The fish in my aquarium had died (pump was out), basement flooded, all of the food in the freezer had defrosted and a hole had formed in my roof and rain had ruined the floor in the dining room. Ignorance was bliss!

Funny story, and you’re always so resourceful in finding a way to educate and illuminate in a humorous way.


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