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Obama Cholo October 26, 2008

Posted by alwaysjan in Art, Politics.
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My friend Angela had this poster on her front door, and it was love at first sight (a primera vista). She told me her hairstylist, David Cordova, had made it which led to an after school jaunt through the winding hills above Eagle Rock to meet him. He had an Obama event that night, and his supply was running dangerously low, but I bought four posters at $5 a pop ($10 at the event!) and was ecstatic.

David said he came up with the idea for the poster because many Latinos are still hesitant to vote for an African American (the brown vs. black issue that I’ve encountered in my own classroom over the years – though less so lately). But according to a front page story in the Los Angeles Times today, a growing number of Latino voters argue that anyone who has faced discrimination would be good for all minorities. Besides, for most voters, it’s no longer a white, black, or brown issue, or even a red or blue one. It all comes down to green – it’s the economy.

David said he took some of the color out of Obama’s skin, added the Mexican day laborer bandana, and the classic cholo shirt. Que milagro! Barack gone barrio. This way Latinos can see that Obama is not so very different from themselves.

I have to admit that in the poster, Obama looks surprisingly like the Mexican cook who works back in the kitchen at the local sushi bar. So in that sense, Obama Cholo (as David refers to him) IS every man – at least in Los Angeles.


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2. Jose B - April 15, 2009

Anyone know how to contact David Cordova, the artist of the Cholo Obama artwork. I am working on a doccumentary and would love to talk to him.


Jose – I’ll email him your message and contact information. Jan


3. mario - October 9, 2009

lo puedo usar de stencil??

Mi espanol is muy limitado. Si stencil = silkscreen, la repuesta es si.


4. asbestasican - October 31, 2009

Awesome! Love it!


5. Frank G - April 15, 2011

Were could i buy one of these?

David made these only during the campaign. I heard the poster was even spotted in NYC. Unless you locate one on eBay, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. 😦 Jan


6. Anne Tressler - July 3, 2012

Jan, I read a very well written obituary the other day and thought of you and your recent loss. This gentleman (approximately the same age of your dad) had a favorite quote that cracked me up!! He said on many occasions as he got along in years that his only regret was that he would do it all over again!! Ain’t it the truth!!
When I poked around on your blog again I found so many clever and insightful things that come off the cuff in your Midwestern voice that I had to share. You’re obviously knowledgeable and well read but your gift is your direct delivery of the truth with a side of kindness.
Loved the 4th of July!! Laughed like a hyena while rethinking my purchase of land in Todo Santos!! Hugs to all including Pig. Anne

Thanks for your virtual visit! I think of you every morning when I see those two towels you quilted (Ian keeps his separate.) Every day they seem to hang in a different configuration and so create an ever evolving art show. I speak the truth. You know our door is always open – whether there’s an available bed or not is a whole different matter! Wish you lived just a stone’s throw. Always, Jan


7. tojo2000 - August 21, 2012

I know it’s been a while since the original post, but do you know if it’s possible to buy some of these posters, or if there is a hi-res version of the poster art somewhere?

Many others have asked me about this, but David had sold them all out. I do have one. I’ll have to ask him about making a high res copy. I’m starting school tomorrow (as a teacher), so this will have to be put on my “To Do” list. Jan


8. Brian - March 11, 2018

I’d like to get a hold of David Cordova re this poster. Possible to place me in contact with him?


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