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No Mo’ Snow January 3, 2009

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Our friend Nora sculpted a trio of snowmen for us from Paperclay and we determined this one came across as the neediest. I'm just sorry that I can't make him talk the way Nora can.

It’s official.  The last Snow Day on WordPress blogs is January 4th.  My friend Elisse first told me about the “snow falling” feature, which I immediately activated.  I grew up slogging through snow and having my car spin out on icy roads.  I know all too well the smell of damp, sweaty wool.  

Since I’ve acclimated to California, I rather enjoy wandering out to the curb to pick up the newspaper in my bare feet  – in December.  Or complain that it’s FREEZING, when the temperature has plummeted to a measly 46 degrees. No sooner do the words come out of my mouth, then both my husband (who’s from Idaho) and I both burst out laughing.  What wimps we’ve become.

I’m sorry to see the snow go, as I liked having the power to control its direction using my cursor.  And come Monday, I’ll have 20 third graders to keep under control, with less predictable results.  Last night I fell asleep on the couch in front of a fire with the tree all lit up.  We’d already decided to take it down today so this was akin to attending a wake (something I’ve never done) or sitting shiva (something else I’ve never done).  In advance.

I’d taken some of the holiday decor down and was procrastinating about the rest.  Then yesterday I tripped on a wire reindeer made from coat hangers and meant to hold Christmas cards.  As I stumbled across the room with this bear trap with antlers latched to my foot, it all became clear.  It was time. So Christmas 2008 is a wrap.  No mo’ snow.


1. Catherine Sherman - January 4, 2009

Hey, I didn’t realize you could change the direction of the snow with the cursor. Here it is the last day of snow, and I’m just now learning how to control the weather on wordpress.

The Christmas season is always wonderful and rich — jam-packed with family, friends, activities, parties, obligations, food, drink….. I always feel lighter (not physically…), though, when the New Year begins. I can now get back to my regularly scheduled program.


2. Grupetti - January 4, 2009

you wrote:
“…I liked having the power to control its direction using my curser.”

I’m sure you meant “cursor”. A “curser” is someone like me whose computer practically locks up with almost 100% CPU utilization from the snow crap.

I would appreciate your help in extracting revenge by clicking on the following link:


Repeat until you have 5 or so windows of this atrocity open. And please turn your speaker volume up really high first.

Thank you. Enjoy.

(in case you’re wondering, I came over here from Hugo’s blog.)

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I turned into a “curser” myself while using the cursor to correct it. Sorry, but I could only make it through one round of the hamsters dancing. Calling this an atrocity is an apt description indeed! I think forwarding it could constitute cyber-bullying. 🙂 Jan


3. elissestuart - January 5, 2009

Hey There: Thank you for the shameless plug. : )
I made it stop snowing a few days ago. While it looked adorable falling over my ornaments and Christmas tree, it nothing for the Narcissist. Of course, nothing could make him look good.
I like the ornaments that Nora made. They are really cute. Maybe next year I can hear her make them talk. Hamsters dancing? That’s just wrong. Someone better call PETA.


4. Bev from England - January 5, 2009

What an adorable snowman ! Nora is very clever….the snow is gone and i missed being able to move it… next year 😉

i took down all my trimings and tree today…. i missed the last days of enjoying them cos ive been ill in bed 😦 it looks odd but somehow i was ready to take it down cos i was feeling sad and it didnt fit any more.

hmmm now best go read elisses N blog…. mine has been causing me some angst again…one step forward 2 back , its a slow journey to recovery….



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