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My World is Flat January 7, 2009

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I’ve always loved geography, especially if it involves sticking map pins in foreign countries that are then tethered in place with colorful yarn.  (But, that’s the teacher in me.)  Being a sucker for maps, I added the ClustrMap in the sidebar of my blog on Dec. 28th to show where visitors to my blog are coming from (geographically speaking, that is).  The stats upgrade daily (or almost), but the 12,194 visitors who came before I activated the ClustrMap aren’t accounted for.  I refer to them as The Missing.

According to ClustrMaps, every so often, a new cycle starts and The Map is wiped clean.  So one day The Map looks like it has the measles and then the next, there’s not a spot in sight.  This has freaked some bloggers out, so now Clustrmaps (which is free), notifies users ahead of time so they can prepare for this Cyber-geddon.  Bloggers, evidently, are a sentimental bunch and like to hoard copies of every measly (and measled) map on their hard drives.

I hope to see crater-sized circles soon, all but obliterating the earth as I know it.  (Sorry, but given Americans’ dunce status when it comes to world geography, I couldn’t bring myself to write WE).  

In the first week that I had The Map, I couldn’t help but notice that there were no dots on Africa.  My husband, who just finished reading Malcom Gladwell’s brilliant book Outliers, thinks this is because much of that continent’s population is busy gathering mongongo nuts (Gladwell) and having recreational sex (my husband).   No hits in Iceland?  Easily explained. Richard said they obviously lost all of their computers when the banks went belly up. And what about Alaska?  The only person I knew of by name from Alaska didn’t seem to be much of a reader. But, Richard is inclined to believe it’s because all those Alaskans are busy catching and gutting the few remaining fish on the planet.  The strange thing is that my husband is starting to make sense, which is taking some getting used to.

When I saw I a dot smack in the middle of Australia, I actually got out my atlas, as I knew all of the major cities are on the coast.  Could some aboriginal person be sitting atop Ayers Rock cruising the internet?  My friend Cathy had a different theory.  She imagined some poor sot working at a sheep station in the interior and the only other person within miles just happens to be a narcissist. (See Top Posts)  Then I wondered if a sheep could be narcissistic, and we didn’t want to go THERE!

So, wherever you’re coming from (geographically speaking or otherwise), welcome!  Thanks for stopping by my planet.


1. Catherine Sherman - January 7, 2009

Hi, I’m smack dab in the middle of America, which some seem to think is mostly uninhabited, too….We do have more than our share of narcissists here!

I don’t have Clustrmaps on my blog. The Missing and the periodic Purges would be too emotionally traumatizing for me!


2. Tim Bradley - January 7, 2009

I put a comment after the article on your mom’s horny toed feet. Does that show up in some great comment corral or do you have to go to that article to see it? This blogging is so modern!

Tim-Hey it’s wasn’t MY mom who had the horny toed feet. Just wanted to make that clear. Once comments are cleared through the OK Comment Corral, you can then click on Comments, which is under the title of the post following Tags. On older posts, comments appear at the end of the post. OR if you’re craving real excitement, you can go over to the RSS feed icon and hit comments to read ALL of the comments. Jan


3. Bev from England - January 8, 2009

Hey jan…im the HUGE blob in england… and also part of the red dot on your map 😉 im trying my best to obliterate england !



4. Ginger - January 12, 2009

I can’t see my blob! It’s too crowded down here! Tag you’re it!



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