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Masters of the Universe March 4, 2009

Posted by alwaysjan in Life, Teaching.
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When I told my husband I was thinking of going back to school to get my Master’s degree, he said, “You know I’ll support you.”  That’s when I said, “Actually, it’s because I’m worried that you won’t be able to support me (us) that I’m thinking of doing this in the first place.” Ouch!  But it’s true.  It all comes down to numb3rs.  If I get a Master’s degree, my salary will bump over two columns.  No small potatoes given the state of the economy.

As a teacher, I’m already performing brain surgery on a daily basis, so it’s about time that I start making the big bucks.  But here’s the catch.  The one-year program I’m appying for is in Education Administration (as in I’ll have my Preliminary Administrative credential when I finish).  Me as an administrator?  That’s like letting the inmates run the asylum.  But what’s a 50 Something to do?  

The price is right.  I can pay for the cost of the program in a year.  After that it’s all gravy. Not a big serving, but gravy none the less.  I’ve applied with three of my friends from school and if the planets align and 20 people sign up for the program, I’ll be going to class two nights a week just across the street from my school.  If the planets align.  Otherwise, it’s the dreaded schlep up the HILL to the local college two nights a week.  

I actually went on-line and checked out other programs.  I figured if I’m going to get an M.A., why not get one in something I’m really interested in – like forensics, or storytelling, or anything that doesn’t end with -tion?  Too expensive.  Several teachers said they were interested in getting their Administrative Credential so they could understand how administrators think. I suggested, if that was the case, they should enroll in Abnormal Psychology. (I don’t know why people don’t take me seriously.) 

The application is due this week.  I had to write a 500-word essay about why I want to be an administrator. I already have a B.A., but fell back on my B.S. to pull this one off.  It’s the first time I’ve accessed the “Word Count” feature under “Tools” that tells you how many words you’ve written – and how many you have to go.  It’s like pulling teeth very slowly, o-n-e  t-o-o-t-h  a-t  a  t-i-m-e.

But here’s the good news. Two people wrote personal letters of recommendation for me and my friend and colleague wrote the most awesome letter. Not only am I a stellar human being, but my students LOVE me. She wrote that, so it’s gotta be true.  >blush< 

So I soldier on, hoping to add a few letters of the alphabet after my name. Who knew that lifelong learning was such a _________ (rhymes with rich).


1. lilikaofthelake - March 5, 2009

I believe that education is the only thing that cannot be taken away from you. You may indeed get more $$ or just more inspiration – either way it is all good. I would like to suggest Waldorf classes too if you have an interest. The Waldorf trained teachers get paid the really big bucks and it is truly fascinating and fun.

Admin. sets the tone and tone is all important. You should get on the boards too if you want to truly make changes right?

I think that in the future it will be more important to society to reward our teachers in the same way that sports figures are compensated now. So that being said I would like to get my Jan trading card now please because in ten years it will be worth a fortune. 🙂 Greatest of luck in your schooling!

Lilikaofthelake – First of all, thanks. You’re absolutely right – education is the one thing no one can take from you, and I tell my students that too. When my oldest son was floundering in public school, we looked into a Waldorf school. We liked what we saw, but it would have been a 50-mile commute two times a day. My son never did adjust to public school and quizzed out of high school at 16. I so wished he could have had a different experience.

I have to admit that though I complain, I like the challenge of public school (being on the front line in the trenches). So many of my students have no one in their corner except for me. The only “normal” routine they have is in my classroom, so they are indeed “my” kids. That said, I’l start working on that trading card! I’d love to play Kobe in a game of one-on-one salary-wise. 🙂 Jan


2. Catherine Sherman - March 7, 2009

I know the planets will align for you! You are Planetjan, after all! Whenever I think I should have done something more useful with my life (which is often…), I think of the great work you’re doing. I know the kids love you (how could they not!) because you love them so much. Plus, you are that rare combination of brilliant and hilarious.

Catherine – No wonder I always put you at the top of my “Best Friends” list (not to be confused with Facebook ‘friends.'” You’re that rare combination of brilliant and _________ (fill in the blank). Jan


3. Deb Estep - March 12, 2009

Hey Jan,

OMG I am excited for you!!!

I cracked up at this line…..

As a teacher, I’m already performing brain surgery on a daily basis, so it’s about time that I start making the big bucks.

Sending ~ ~ ~ good vibes your way. 😉
xo xo


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