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Dexter Bobblehead April 3, 2009

Posted by alwaysjan in TV/Film.
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Whoa!  As one who’s used to straddling the boundary between good taste and – well, fun, I couldn’t help but get excited when my personal trainer, Louis, showed me his Dexter Bobblehead doll tonight. Louis also shares my addiction to all things Dexter (see Why I Love Dexter), so we have lots to talk about besides deltoids. (I think that’s a muscle group, but he could be talking about Altoids for all I know.)

The box says “America’s Favorite Serial Killer” and “Some might say he’s making the world a better place – one murder at a time.” And what’s Dexter holding behind his back? No need for a spoiler alert cause I’ll never tell. This is the OFFICIAL bobblehead produced, no doubt, by hardworking children in China, who are wondering what sport this “Dexter” guy plays.  But as the package warns, this is only for those 18 and older.

To find out more, go to BIFBANGPOW.com   You can also order Dexter’s sister Deb’s bobblehead, or opt for the Dexter action figure instead (duct tape and trash bags sold separately). Call me sick, but it beats those Bratz dolls! At BIFBANGPOW, you’ll also find a sh@tload of pop culture merchandise. Buoy the economy by buying a Rod Serling action figure or check out the Twilight Zone stuff.  (Cue Twilight Zone music).  Wow, I can just picture Rod Serling narrating what’s been happening with the economy. I wonder how this episode will turn out?


1. elissestuart - April 3, 2009

Behind his back….? My guess would be a 7 inch Cutco Butcher or Filet knife…IMHO


2. lilikaofthelake - April 6, 2009

Jan you should read Horror fetales blog she loves Dexter too! I just started watching last season but I get it.

LOL (lilika ofthe Lake :)) – Thanks for sending me the link. I’ll definitely check it out. Jan


3. Catherine Sherman - April 6, 2009

Didn’t the guy who plays Dexter and the woman who plays his sister get married in real life?

I’ve always wondered what hard-working people in China thought when they manufactured some of the weird stuff we buy. I shouldn’t say “we,” because I always buy sensible, practical things, ha, ha. (Not including those Star Trek action figures I bought….)

Catherine – Yes, Dexter and his sister, Deb, did get married in real life. “You want to come back to my apartment and see my blood splatter art?” That line must of worked. Jan


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