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Best Friends Forever August 14, 2009

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Cathy - Have a great yea039

Someone needed to talk me off the ledge, and Cathy’s card arrived just in time.  A card for me?  Was it my birthday?  I actually had to think about this. Since I’ve been in my masters program and knee-deep in data, I’m not even sure what day of the week it is.  Wait a minute – my birthday is in April.  Now curious, I tore open the envelope.

Cathy’s a fabulous photographer, who’s usually stalking butterflies and other six-legged creatures with her camera.  While I visited her in Kansas City in July, she took pictures at the one-room school house at the Deanna Rose Children’s Farm, which she used for the card above.  You can find Cathy’s cards at It’s a Beautiful World.  I ordered several and they were top quality and arrived quickly.  But here’s what I didn’t know.  You can personalize the cards at no extra cost and and even change the message and the font, which is what Cathy did to the card above.

So here’s the personalized message that kept me from jumping off the ledge. I’m sure Cathy won’t mind me sharing it, and I won’t mind if you steal it, though I’m crossing out the stuff that might not apply to you.  For the record, I actually cried when I read it.

Dearest Jan,
I’ve really enjoyed our friendship through the years.
You’re so much fun and have a delightful, brilliant and hilarious
take on the world.  I’ve loved all of your tales of school and of your other adventures.
I definitely wish that I’d had a teacher like you!
It’s been great blogging along side you in cyberspace.
Your visit here was fabulous!
Hopefully, I’ll see more of you.
I’m so grateful I have you as my best friend forever!
Love, Cathy

FYI:  I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that you are also delightful, brilliant and hilarious.  If your name is not Cathy, you might want to change that too.  First day of school, this will be sitting on my desk. Thanks Cathy!

You can find more of Cathy’s photos on Catherinesherman, which is on my blogroll.


1. Catherine Sherman - August 14, 2009

Gosh, I’m blushing…. I had a blast taking these photos while you were visiting me, and comparing them with the ones you took at the farm, too. Yours were fantastic…. I loved the two goats. Maybe I’ll see them in a future post. We both took photos of the dunce hat. Hmmmm.

What got me started on cards? I’ve always designed my own cards, and I have 90,000 photographs, so why not put them to use! I’m always encouraging others to do the same with their own creative talents. (That means you, too, Jan, in your “free” time, ha, ha.)

Off topic, it’s fun to see the automatically generated posts under this post: “Stress? Bring it on, baby!” and “Family Recipe Cards – The Hungry Bride” are two of them. You are family, we’re both hungry, and stress, well, that’s our middle name!

Thanks for the lovely birthday gift. You’re wonderful. Cathy

Cathy – I don’t always see the automatically generated posts, but one that comes up repeatedly at the end of my posts is “God Made Us Sisters – Prozac Made Us Friends.” Jan


2. Janelle - August 14, 2009

What fun! Can’t wait to check the cards out. I love Catherine’s photos and I wholeheartedly agree that you both are delightful, brilliant, and hilarious!

Janelle – Well, I’d say that about you too. Do you think that could be why we all connected via cyberspace? Jan


3. Michelle - August 15, 2009

That is very sweet! I wish we all had friends like this! I love you too, Jan… that’s why I am going back for round 2! 😉


4. Bev from england - August 15, 2009

Awwww you cant beat friends…best invention ever !

My friend jess from germany told me shed chatted to a lady at the airport who was also flying to england to visit her best friend n how theyd been best friends for 40 years ! Isnt that grand? I told jess Ill probably be dead before then…were 7 years atm but by 40 years ill be 80 something lol 😛 …

Ill be a strange old thing by then….hmmm im a strange old thing NOW….



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