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Last Zombie Standing November 14, 2009

Posted by alwaysjan in Life, Teaching.
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I’m pumping that hand sanitizer like a lab rat desperate for a reward.  So far, so good.  I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t come down with IT. Whatever IT might be.  So far I don’t think anyone’s been diagnosed with H1N1 at my school.  Just the usual prelude to Thanksgiving flu and chronic bronchitis that dogs you when you’re a teacher and never get to rest your voice. (It’s true – There is no rest for the wicked.)

My husband and son went to see Zombieland the other night.  I passed, since I work in Zombieland.  Just when one kid comes back to school, another goes down.  Pump, pump – More hand sanitizer.  I’ve taken to slathering it on my neck and arms. One boy came back after a week out and promptly announced he felt like throwing up.  I tossed him a plastic bag along with a pass to the nurse.  I have my students trained. I told that straight out, “If you think you’re going to get sick, don’t come to me, cause I’ll run from you.” They laughed, but I was dead serious.  I just don’t want to be undead. Seriously.

The school nurse donned her face mask on Friday when she had a roomful of germ factories sick children all complaining of being “hot.”  The school librarian told me she’s glad she’s already had IT.  “I got it over with early, ” she said, though she said she’d paid dearly for her immunity.  I mumbled something about how quickly viruses mutate, to take that smile off of her face.

November is always a tough month for teachers, what with report cards and all those parent teacher conferences.  I’ve just got to make it to Thanksgiving.

When I wrote my post Time Zone Zombie – Asleep at 30,000 Feet, about the world’s longest trip over the Atlantic Ocean, I was looking for a picture of a zombie.  Who knew there were thousands of them on Flickr from Zombie Walks around the world?  Here’s an activity the whole family can do together.  The cool thing is that I wouldn’t even need make-up to play a zombie.  I can just crawl out of bed.  As a big fan of Shaun of the Dead, I’d be up for the zombie pub crawl myself.  That is, if I make it to Thanksgiving.

POST MORTEM:  Officially zombified on Nov. 18th.  Tried to pass as human for two days, but finally succumbed.

Photo Credit:  Zombified Children from Wikipedia’s Zombie Walks


1. Catherine Sherman - November 15, 2009

You can even make germaphobia funny! I was going to buy a huge bottle of hand sanitizer, until I saw how costly it was! I took a look at the ingredients. The active ingredient was ethyl alcohol! So what I think you should do is convince your principal that’s more economical to bring a bottle of vodka to school.

Zombies are everywhere, I think, because we can all identify with feeling awkward and brain-dead. Here’s a link to Ryan’s zombie movie on YouTube. http://ryanharveyrules.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/tales-of-the-zombie/

Cathy – In the zombie walks, people are encouraged to stay in character and just grunt and groan. Sounds like a Monday to me. I’ll check out Ryan’s movie. Jan


2. HorrorFatale - November 19, 2009

I really hope you make it Jan, because it got me. I am a proud germaphobe and as soon as I patted myself on the back for being flu, cold and sniffle-free for the third year in a row, it struck! And after a round of antibiotics I awoke this morning with another sore throat.

Good luck!!!

Horror – It started as a throat thing four days ago and then progressed. But I had important conferences scheduled, so I loaded up on espresso and made it through the last two days. But I’m down for the count. I’ve scheduled a sub for tomorrow. I’m afraid I look a lot like your avatar. >cough< Jan


3. Janelle - November 22, 2009

I just finished crying over Catherine’s blog to find that you’re sick! I hope that bad news doesn’t come in threes. IT is a horrible beast, I hope you get over IT soon. The only good thing about being sick for me is the opportunity to stay in bed all day to sleep and read. Hope you have someone waiting on you hand and foot and you’re back on your feet soon.

Janelle – Yes, I’ve been staying in bed and reading “Selected Reading on California School Finance” for my masters program. Not what you had in mind? Me neither. It works faster than Nyquil though. Jan


4. institutrice - November 29, 2009

I hope you are feeling better! A teacher at my school got IT and she has been out for two weeks! Days of fever at 104! It’s really kicking her butt. I was able to get the shot, and my allergies are a lot better since I started pumping hand sanitizer all day, too. Coincidence?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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