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My Keyboard is Toast January 10, 2010

Posted by alwaysjan in Worth Knowing.
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The last time I tried to clean my computer keyboard, I popped off a few keys only to realize that they didn’t snap back on like Legos.  Oops!  My husband Richard aka Tech Support wasn’t amused. He ordered a new keyboard for my trusty Mac Powerbook on eBay, but when it arrived the keys moved in slow motion.  Richard cleaned it with canned air and discovered the problem. The keyboard was filled with cat hair.  Achoo!  But it worked.

My husband upgraded his Mac not long ago, which means I got his hand-me-down.  I’m not complaining.  Macs are like Volvos.  You can get a lot of mileage out of one.  My old new computer arrived with a letter to me from the computer itself.  The computer asked that I take good care of it – no toast crumbs or spilled Coke on the keyboard from my breakfast.  (See Coke for Breakfast.)  I thought this was thoughtful on the computer’s part and fully intended to clean up my act.  I even started putting my toast on a plate before I ate it (visualize crumbs spewing) over the keyboard.

Today the “m” key started sticking.  I called Tech Support, currently camped in the Silicon Valley. I got The Lecture.   “Just tell me what to do!” I pleaded.

I had to shut down my computer and turn it on its side. I gave it a couple of good shakes (sort of like burping a baby). Then I got the can of compressed air and shot it under the keys until the can was too cold to hold.  A lot of grit came out that did bear a passing resemblance to toast crumbs. But what I noticed most was the amount of hair.  There were a few long strands of red hair (mine), but the rest of it was dog fur, more precisely, fur from our dog Petey.  I’ve often likened his shedding to a snow blower, but really!

Curious, I googled “how to clean a laptop keyboard.”  I stumbled upon the site Howtocleanstuff.net, where you can find how to get rid of blood stains (one person swears you can get rid of menstrual stains on underwear using meat tenderizer!), how to clean Barbie hair, and even how to clean bronzed baby shoes.  You can find out how to clean old cat poop from carpet (the person who sold us that keyboard could probably use that one).  There was even a woman whose husband had begun working at a dairy farm and wanted to know how to remove that “farm smell” from her man.  If your man’s scent is “Moo,” you’ll definitely want to check this out!


1. peterwaffles - January 10, 2010

AHHAHA so funny because i messed up my keyboard about a week ago. I have to hammer in certain letters and since pay day is not for another week im developing strong kung fu finger muscles. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!


2. Meanlittleboy - January 10, 2010

Thats why I quit eating at my computer!!!lol when I saw a couple of ants inside my screen that did it!! cheers nice article…MLB


3. tina - January 10, 2010

My old Volvo lasted 12 years being held together with escaped french fries plastered down by the volcanic flow from so many juice boxes. I thought surely computers would last longer through the same beneficial treatment. I suppose it is time to stop multi-tasking at the desk.

Poor Richard.

Tina – I’m seeing more and more why Kinder makes you say, “Yes!” Jan


4. Bev from england - January 10, 2010

this is hilarious….i flipped a key off the other day ! I was so shocked cos i often use my lap top to transport items when i carry it and its been fine, then one day a key flies off ! …and as u say, it wont just clip back on . So now i have no key to indicate my , < lol

im always telling my youngest son NOT to eat at the comp he uses cos hes just filthy…never seen anyone make so much mess and muck…


Bev – You take the cake – using your laptop as a snack tray! Oh, you meant when it’s closed? LOL Jan


5. institutrice - January 10, 2010

Too funny! That cleaning website sounds awesome.

Institutrice – There’s also ways to clean your laptop sans canned air. One involves using your vacuum cleaner, but I just know if I was to try that, I’d suck those keys right off. When I found this site, it occurred to me that my mother, the master stain remover, has been rendered obsolete. Jan


6. Bev from england - January 10, 2010

haha NO not as a snack tray….well….hmmmm not often….i meant more to transport my mobile fone, book, glasses etc when its open and im bringing it all downstairs 😛

its a wonder i have any keys when u think about it…..



7. Catherine Sherman - January 12, 2010

This is a very timely post, I must say! Mike (long-suffering husband) needed my keyboard yesterday. When he removed it, he was appalled at what he found underneath, so he started rooting around. He saw splashes on the screen and the wall behind and fuzz, of course, all around the many scraps of paper on my desk, each containing important scribbles of information.

The splashes on my screen and wall were due to me drinking coffee and sneezing at the same time. I’d been meaning to find out what to do to clean the screen, but of course I never did. Mike cleaned it! Now I can actually see, but have nothing to blame my typos on now other than very bad typing. I will definitely add the cleaning link to my favorites list (in case Mike needs any help!) Thanks for another fun post! I was intrigued by your tag of “how to clean old cat poop stains,” as that is a problem hereabouts.

Cathy – I’m most intrigued at the drinking coffee and sneezing at the same time. I’m hoping you can demonstrate that while here. 🙂 Jan


8. Janelle - January 23, 2010

Oh yeah – this is my resolution every time I open up my laptop – but I know I have to wait until I turn it off, and then I forget when I turn it off. Here’s a tip – don’t buy a white computer with a white keyboard.

By the way, thanks for the joint comment! I loved it.


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