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Cool Photo January 14, 2010

Posted by alwaysjan in Home Front.
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All the teachers were complaining about the rain this morning.  You have to understand that rainy weather means rainy day recess.  Herding squirrelly students into the auditorium.  Shortened lunches.  Recess INSIDE. The misery.  So when my friend Bev in England forwarded me a link to this satellite photo of the UK under a blanket of snow, it put it all in perspective. (To see the full-sized image, click on BBC.)  Come to think of it, I did pick up over a hundred limes that had fallen off our Mexican lime tree yesterday. OMG it was freezing – like 65 degrees!  Oh, never mind.  Like much of life, it’s all how you look at it. Sending warm thoughts to all my friends who are snowbound. (Bev pointed out that if you look closely, there’s still a small patch of green on the Emerald Isle.)


1. tina - January 14, 2010

Joe is flying back into that zone as I type. His California sweaters are a poor match for the snow he’ll be greeted with.

When we lived in NYC, we were shocked when a friend arrived from California with no socks in December. I’ve lived in California long enough now that my sweater collection is sad indeed. I always laugh when my students come to school wearing gloves and complaining that it’s freezing outside when it’s above 60 degrees. But I have to admit, I’ve never felt as cold as I have since moving to California. Maybe it’s because nothing is insulated. It’s a damp, chilled to the bone kind of cold. Jan


2. Bev from england - January 14, 2010

WOW so cool u used the pic !!!! ….it IS quite some sight to see the whole country covered tho !!!! I find it funny , too, that if u look to the left to Ireland u cn actually see some green !

We have a sugar coating of snow today….the old stuff had just about gone lol but this stuff is nice cos not deep at ll n makes everywhere look pretty n not ‘dirty’ as it was looking. I wasnt suprised to see it cos it was bitter cold yesterday.



3. asbestasican - January 16, 2010

I remember waking up every morning and thinking, “Ah, another perfect day in Berkeley.” It was so wonderful. And then I remember moving to upstate NY and realizing when it’s 20 degrees outside, a person really, truly NEEDS gloves. I remember how surprised I was to find my boogers froze. Oh well. This winter is cold, but at least we’re not getting a whole lot of snow. I WISH we had a Mexican lime tree…LUCKY JAN! Enjoy your “winter.” Ha.

Asbestasican – I grew up in Nebraska and spent winter mornings waiting and shivering for the school bus inside my friend Lisa’s garage. We wore wool pants under our dresses to keep us warm. Did I mention that I’m horribly allergic to wool? I didn’t know that boogers froze…I guess we ate all that drippy salty snot before it could! Jan


asbestasican - January 17, 2010

Don’t forget, I grew up in Nebraska too…three hours north of you (Omaha, right?). The winters in upstate NY are MILD compared to those winters in Nebraska, where it snowed horizontally. Yes, we get more snow, but the wind…oh that WIND!

Moving to Berkeley made me feel like I’d died and gone to heaven. When my husband said we were moving here, I was like, “WTF?” I miss California. 🙂

Asbestasican – Hey, I thought three hours north of Omaha was…South Dakota! My parents just called from the “Big O” and said visibility is only three cars ahead of you, so they’re staying put. We just got back from Santa Cruz/San Jose and the scenery up north was a nice change from SoCal. Oh, I think I heard another lime drop off the tree. 🙂 Jan


4. asbestasican - January 20, 2010

Almost! We’re not too far from Yankton…this winter I’ve been glad to be in upstate NY. Our winter has been REALLY MILD compared to the Midwest!

Stay safe out there!


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