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Dead Fly on the Wall January 26, 2010

Posted by alwaysjan in Art.
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I was scrambling to finish my final five report cards when my friend Nancy emailed me pictures of  “dead fly art.”  According to the email all you need to do is get a dead fly (or moth), let it sit for an hour, and then let your imagination run wild.  Hey, I’m good at that.

Those who know me know I’ve got a thing for bugs, even dead ones, so of course I put the report cards on hold and googled “dead fly art.”  I found lots of links, most which featured really annoying ads.  (And you thought I was going to say ads that “bug me,” but I’m not THAT obvious!) The “dead fly art” has been featured on several sites in the UK. Some of the original photos have what looks like German Swedish writing on them.  Who is the genius behind these?  (I’ve since learned it’s Swedish photographer Magnus Mohr.)  I’m now thinking of a really cool art project for Open House.  After all, our current unit is Imagination, and Picasso is so old school.  I hope the parents have a sense of humor.  Now, back to those report cards.

To see more “Dead Fly Art,”  go to The Chive Photo Blog.


1. tina - January 26, 2010

Oh my gosh. These are Hilarious!!!!! Thank you for the comic reprieve from the ugly task of report card comments. I will start collecting fly donations for your students. Last year my classroom had a good fly hatching once the weather warmed up.

Tina, It’s just one more way we can close the gap. Jan


2. Michelle - January 26, 2010

Love it! I needed a little comic relief! I don’t have too many flies around here, but I have a ton of crickets. Could you use any of those? 😉

Michelle – I’m sure anything with six legs will do. Jan


3. Catherine Sherman - January 26, 2010

I just finished “The Dangerous World of Butterflies” in which one chapter was devoted to art made with dead butterflies. Any old person can make something beautiful with butterflies, but it takes a true artist to create great art with flies! So funny. I laughed so hard I unleased a coughing attack. (Still fighting my California cold….) Thanks for posting. The humor is worth some coughing!

Cathy – Last time you commented you’d had a sneezing attack that involved coffee and your keyboard. Now it’s coughing. is there a doctor in the house? Jan


4. elissestuart - January 27, 2010

Have you finished the report cards?
Elisse – Yes. >sigh< I don't recommend cranking out all 21 in one night, but our deadline was moved up by two days at the last minute. I saw one of my comments from last quarter. It said the student tended to "district" other children. Spell check can only do so much. 🙂 Jan


5. Ginger - January 28, 2010

Well Lawdy Me! You learn something new every day!


6. Janelle - February 2, 2010

Great stuff! Cheaper material than most paint and brushes, I do believe, so perfect for a public school in this economy. Ha! I love your sense of humor.


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