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Do – Dough – D’oh! March 2, 2010

Posted by alwaysjan in Teaching.
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A reader provided a link to this incredibly clever video featuring students in the South Pasadena School District lamenting the loss of school funds.  If education is as important as everyone says it is, how come we can’t find the money to fund it?  I’m afraid Californians are going to wake up in the not too distant future only to realize, “D’oh! We forgot to educate the kids!”


1. CZBZ - March 2, 2010

Hey, I really enjoyed that! Clever! (Even though the topic is a TRAGEDY).

The differences between California schools and where I live now is unbelievable! Same thing with the libraries. When I walked into my local library (not even the main city library), I nearly fainted in disbelief.

And guess what? Kids here don’t have to buy their crayons or supplement the teacher’s supplies…or attend a kajillion fund raising events. Who knows though? We may only be a few years behind California, but I sure hope not!

Kids need to a priority. It’s so weird to me when people say they don’t have kids in school so why should they pay taxes for somebody else’s kid?




2. elissestuart - March 2, 2010

This was great. Very talented teachers in your district.
Hi, This isn’t my district. My school is so ethnically diverse, If we did a video, it would look more like “We are the World.” But the message would be the same. Cuts hurt. Jan


3. Shelly Terrell - March 19, 2010

I’m so depressed by the situation in California and everywhere else. I don’t understand the lay-offs and firings. NCLB really ruin the education system and now that we failed to improve the education of students I feel the government is running around trying to figure out a quick fix which doesn’t exist.

Shelly – It’s particularly bad in California as 80 percent of the school funds come from the state, which is, in effect, broke. In my humble opinion, NCLB created a culture of testing and teaching to the test. I teach a cluster of English Language Learners and though I might move mountains, I still can only do so much in 180 days. 🙂 Jan


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