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When Your Relative is a Pig April 10, 2010

Posted by alwaysjan in Personal.
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In her Easter bonnet...

My sister-in-law Jane called from Idaho to tell how her seven year-old twins, Izzy and Kate, told their teacher they didn’t eat pork. When their teacher asked why, they replied, “Because our cousin Maisie is a pig.”  The teacher thought this was so imaginative, she shared it with Jane, who looked at her and with a straight face and replied, “Their cousin IS a pig.”

Of course, Jane then asked if we could dress Maisie up in some clothes and send a picture so the twins could take it for Show and Tell.  Yes, an outfit for a pig.  I added that to my very long “To Do” list.

By chance, our friend Nora was visiting from Chicago.  She’s hopelessly artsy and prone to flights of fancy. When she heard this story, I swear I saw her ears prick up.  “Maisie needs a hat,” Nora announced, as though this was the most sensible idea in the world.

With all the frills upon it.

The next day, Nora was “on it” though she returned home midday to measure the distance between Maisie’s ears.  Two days later, I found her sitting outside fashioning a hat from crepe paper and all the trimmings she’d purchased at Zinnia. There was a chill in the air, but compared to the the weather back in Chicago, it was downright balmy. While Nora fussed over the details, Maisie snoozed in the sun nearby. Every artist needs a muse.

Last week, I finally decided we had to get a shot of Maisie wearing THE hat. Working with a Plus Size model with an attitude is no walk in the park, but Maisie sees Project Runway in her future.  And I finally got to cross THAT off my “To Do” list.

Ultimately, this “project” made me thankful for all the crazy creative people in my life.  Those people, who without hesitation said,  “Their cousin IS a pig!” and “Maisie needs a hat.”  My hat’s off to them.


1. Sheri O'Brien - April 11, 2010

Very cute!


2. Tina - April 11, 2010

Maisie’s bonnet is quite smart and she wears it with such an air of grandeur.

Tina – I’m keeping a list of people I think might be willing to make clothes for a pig. Your name is on it. 🙂 Jan


Tina - April 12, 2010

Ooohhh yes!


3. Elisee Stuart - April 11, 2010

Her hat is fabulous! I am proud of her for not eating it.

Elisse – She would if she could have. She’s a saucy pig indeed! Jan


4. Bev from England - April 11, 2010

I long for blogs about maisie !!! excellent stuff….and i love her hat !

I want a pig 😛


Bev – I’ve been seeing pictures of all the “teacup” pigs in England. We were looking at Maisie and figured we could make four of them from ONE of her. Jan


5. Catherine Sherman - April 11, 2010

That’s a fabulous hat! Maisie needs one for Derby Day, too, with a bucket of nonalcoholic mint julep! I’ve been a fan of Maisie for a long time. I don’t remember her ever being small, ha, ha. I’ve tried to capture her on film for years, but she usually strutting the catwalk (or in your house — dogwalk) so quickly, except when I find her zonked out in the sun. You need to post a photo of her in her “pork sandwich” of cushions.

Cathy – You’re a fabulous photographer – it’s the “subject” that is the problem. She has the figure of a giant jellybean and is famously “difficult to work with” as so many divas are. Derby Day! Maisie is all for the alcoholic mint juleps – there’s a reason they use pigs’ kidneys for alcoholism studies. Jan


6. elissestuart - April 11, 2010

I am wondering if the Carter’s outlet near me has any spring time onsies and short sets in Maisie’s size…? What do you think, 4 – 6X?

Elisse – Unfortunately, Maisie is a Plus Size for everything but her delicate hooves. She also doesn’t have a real neck. Think GIANT jellybean in stiletto heels! Jan


7. Janelle - April 13, 2010

Jan! I’ve been missing your blog so much. Sorry I’ve been MIA in the comments sections, for some reason my to-do list has grown unbelievably long over the past six weeks and I’ve neglected my blogging comments. I LOVED this post. I’ve been wanting to see photos of Maisie. She is gorgeous in that hat – any little girl would be proud to have her as a cousin. Now, if only I could get clothes on my cats …

Janelle – It’s nice to know that other people have long “To Do” lists too. To be honest, I always add a few items to do that I’ve already done, just so I can check them off and feel like I’m making some progress. 🙂 Jan


8. Christine - April 13, 2010

Glad you are having time to come up for air and blog on a more frequent basis. I read every one of them (to get those stats up) and am eagerly awaiting “I Was a Difficult Parent.” It will be a hard one to write, I’m sure, but will give insight on who you are (or have become).

Christine – I actually started working on the post and realized I wasn’t a difficult parent, but a parent in denial. Somewhere I have a picture of children with horns for a graphic. 🙂 Jan


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