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May Means Mother’s Day Cards May 1, 2010

Posted by alwaysjan in Art, Teaching.
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April showers bring May flowers, STAR testing, and, what’s that other one? Oh yeah, Mother’s Day. This year Mother’s Day falls on May 9th, the day before STAR testing begins. So this week my third graders will be cranking out Mother’s Day cards. Actually it’s a great way to remind them that both “Mother’s” and “Day” need to be capitalized, as there’s always a question like that on the test.

Last year I finally got around to making five templates, so students can take turns tracing MOM. (Taking turns – a valuable skill NOT on the test.) When folded, the card is around 5×6.  I actually have them use card stock, so they can color it in with markers. (I’m notoriously stingy when it comes to letting students use markers.)  They color in the positive space and then the negative using a variety of lines, and geometric and organic shapes.

When they’re done, I have them flip over the card, so they can see it says, “WOW.”  They think this is way cool. I explain that both MOM and WOW are palindromes and give them several other examples. (One year I conveniently had a Hannah in my class!)  So this week my students will walk out of class with a cool card for “dear ole” and some more esoteric information that will NEVER appear on the STAR test.  LOL.


1. elissestuart - May 2, 2010

I think any woman who has raised, or is in the process of raising children (no matter how they came to her) deserves a BIG WOW.
Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Elisse – I agree wholeheartedly. Happy Mother’s Day to you. Jan


2. shoutabyss - May 2, 2010

First, that picture is a true piece of art. 🙂

Second, the way you describe teaching really reminds me of what I remember of the best of the best of my teachers. They made the classroom fun and would open your eyes using methods like you describe. For youngsters I can only imagine the things they will think back on and remember for years to come because of the way you showed them rather than told them.

Shout – Thanks. >blush< Teaching is too hard a job to not have fun with students. We've spent so much time on test prep, that the other day we took a break and made fish faces. 🙂 As I looked out over all of my students with their cheeks sucked in and lips puckered, I said, "Oh look, it's a school of fish at school!" Then it was back to the test prep. IMO, silliness is highly underrated. Jan


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