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Glad to Grad June 14, 2010

Posted by alwaysjan in Personal.
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What a long strange trip its been since we started our masters in Educational Administration just a year ago. That was before I even knew what a cohort was. I liked to joke that, “We put the whore in cohort.”

Fourteen Powerpoint presentations is as close to Hell as you can get. Last Thursday was the final night of our final class. Tada! After Powerpoint presentation #6, my FSB (Favorite Study Buddy) Teresa whispered, “I think I’m going to throw up. I mean it.” I told her, first of all, to move away from me, and second, to step outside the room for some fresh air. She did and returned a paler shade of green. “So this is how the world ends,” I thought, “not with a bang, but a whimper.” I think someone else said that, but we all agreed that we’ve become much stupider since entering this program. “I don’t want to sound intelligent or anything” has become our mantra.

If Starbucks stock plummets, it’s because Thelma and Louise (AKA Teresa and Jan) are no longer refueling our engines every Wednesday and Thursday night. Even after a year, I still couldn’t remember the difference between a “large” and a “grande.” And Teresa complained her “CRS” was getting worse. “CRS?” I asked. “Can’t Remember Shit,” she replied. Yes, we teach small children. You should be scared.

I woke up on Saturday and for the first time in a year reveled in not having to write a reflection for a class like “The Machine as a Metaphor the Organization.” It was bad enough that we had to write our Action Research paper using APA format. I can hardly wait to delete Son of Citation Master from my bookmarks. Let’s face it, the person I’m most fond of quoting is myself. And when in doubt, go to Wikipedia.

We still have five weeks to assemble our digital portfolio, but the grunt work is done. My poor husband has been looking at the back of my head for a year as I sat at the computer cranking out paper after paper. “You know, if this was a two-year program, I’d be divorcing you,” he said matter-of-factly. Can you blame him? Not to mention how this program got in the way of my blogging. But “at the end of the day” (accompanied by air quotes), I’m back. I look forward to posting more frequently.

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1. Catherine Sherman - June 14, 2010

Finally, you’re posting again! Congratulations on your grad school achievement. Coincidentally, as my husband was scrolling through a powerpoint presentation today (a series of silly photos) I thought that I’d never put together a Powerpoint presentation. Now I know where to go to get some power pointers!

I’m a grad school dropout — twice — so I’m especially proud and envious of all that you’ve accomplished.

Cathy – I find Powerpoints in general to be insufferably boring. We actually took a course where one of the instructors put up a Powerpoint about how to motivate students. Teresa, my FSB, turned to me and said, “Do you find this ironic?” Jan


2. shoutabyss - June 14, 2010

That is a serious achievement! Congratulations!

Also, your writing skills are sick! I’ll never hear the word “cohort” quite the same way ever again. In fact, I’d like to steal that phrase for a line of t-shirts! 🙂

I’ve you’ve ever edited a Wikipedia page (I have) then quoting Wikipedia is, in a sense, quoting yourself. And that, of course, totally rocks. “I’d have to agree,” said myself.

I think you sound perfect for teaching small children. Thanks for keeping it real, yo.

Yo, I’m just impressed that you’ve edited a Wikipedia page. Jan


3. Tina - June 14, 2010

Yeah for you Jan!
Now for the salary bump to make it all worth while.

Tina – It’s actually more of a bump and grind. Jan


4. Bev from england - June 14, 2010

Well done !!!! and good to see u back with more time on ur hands again !!!


Bev, Since I’ve started this program, you’ve become a master farmer on Farmville! Jan


5. elissestuart - June 15, 2010

so that’s why I saw that stock for Starbucks dropped today.


6. Leslie OBrien - June 15, 2010

Congratulations, Janet, that’s a great achievement. Hope you celebrate all summer.

Leslie, 1) Thanks! and 2) I plan to! Working as a college librarian, I imagine you dream in APA format! 🙂 Jan


7. asbestasican - June 21, 2010

Congrats, Jan! I hope you can relax (at least a little now). Happy Summer!

Asbestasican – Thanks. If only summer would begin. Our last day is June 25th. The kids mentally checked out a month ago! Jan


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