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Night Owls July 16, 2010

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From September until the end of June, I’m up with the chickens (though chickens in LA tend to sleep in to get their beauty rest).  But come summer, I revert to being a night owl.  Oh, I still get up at 6 a.m. to feed the dogs and slop the hog.  I drink a Coke and spew toast crumbs on my keyboard, while I check my email.  But then I go back to bed – because I can.

In the summer, my mantra is, “Things to do – get dressed by 2.”  Today was a triple-digit day, temperature wise, which only served to remind me why it’s ridiculous to be up and about during daylight hours.  I’m blessed to have a son still living at home, who’s also a night owl.  There are no small children to care for.  The silence in the crypt house during the day is only punctuated by the incessant barking of the dogs.  But it’s too dang hot to even yell at them.  I just can’t get up the energy.

It’s like when we lived outside Seattle.  My son Ian, who’s a bona fide sun bunny, swore there was a coffee bar on every corner because people were trying to get up enough energy to kill themselves, but never could.  That’s basically how I feel about summer and the heat.  It’s best to lay low.

When I first moved to California, I worked the night shift at CBS typing scripts for TV shows – 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. or sometimes 4 a.m.  I felt out of sync with the rest of the world.  I remember walking into a supermarket at 4 a.m. and seeing the Christmas trees for sale outside.  At a gut level I knew there was something terribly wrong with this picture.  But, then I was still in culture shock after having moved from the Midwest.

Last night, to celebrate my finally turning in ALL of the coursework for my master’s degree, we had the neighbors over.  They brought nephews and nieces and their friends who’d moved to LA only days earlier from Georgia and Virginia.  Although the day had been uggy hot, it cooled down and we sat outside under the chandelier (my husband has a silver one rigged up to slide along a wire – Phantom of the Opera style). We swilled sangria and laughed ourselves silly.

I loved that these newcomers were so bedazzled by a typical Los Angeles night. And the best part? The night was still young.  Summer has begun!


1. Tina - July 17, 2010

Summer means Jan-grias time! How great to be completed with your program. Congratulations!

Tina – I’m supposed to be smarter, so how come I feel stupider, er, I mean more stupid. Oh, yeah, it’s the heat. My reptilian brain is running the show. It’s all about eating, breathing, getting some, and drinking Jan-grias, which you’ll have to stop by for. Jan


2. elissestuart - July 17, 2010

Sorry we were too early for “Jangrias” and more importantly that we missed the chandelier – Sam would have loved that!

Elisse – You actually weren’t THAT early, but we do try to keep things G-rated until 4 p.m. We got the chandelier for free from a guy who had it hanging in his garage over his restored classic cars. No crystal, but lots of shiny silver. Maybe that’s why the raccoons have made our ponds a regular sushi stop. Jan


3. Catherine Sherman - July 17, 2010

Lately, I’ve been getting up before the chickens… Can’t sleep! But it’s the only time lately when it isn’t incredibly hot and humid. I remember your hot days and chilly nights there. You need to dress for all seasons in one day.

Congratulations on finishing your graduate degree! Hip hip hurrah! I’m toasting you with my iced tea! Drink a Jangria for me. See you soon!


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