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Hands On Learning October 24, 2010

Posted by alwaysjan in Entertainment.
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I haven’t written a new post in what seems like a bazillion years, but I have what seems like a bazillion more students this year AND I’m working on my Gifted and Talented (GATE) Certification online.  I hope to have it done this week, so I can begin walking around with a pyramid on my head, so as to look the part.  (I’ve already got the Albert Einstein hair thing going.)

My husband sent me this link, and dang, if this ain’t gifted, I don’t know what is.  These two get even more creative as the video progresses.  I guess I’ve got to quit telling the girls to stop those hand clapping games while they’re standing in line. Who knew?


1. Catherine Sherman - October 24, 2010

Fun! They remind me of Irish step dancers only with their hands and arms instead of their feet.

Cathy – I especially like how the woman has perfected that look of ennui. Jan


Catherine Sherman - October 24, 2010

Yes, the flat expressions are what made me first think of step dancers. They always seem to have stoic faces. This woman goes beyond stoic, taking it to ennui, all right! It pairs well with the extreme activity of her hands.


2. Relax! « Catherine Sherman - October 25, 2010

[…] Planetjan has slowed, too. She has a very full schedule, but she’s also dedicated to posting. She’s hilarious, so I’m always happy to read one of her posts. Her latest is Hands On Learning. […]


3. Slamdunk - October 28, 2010

Fun video. Wow, all that while sitting down and looking basically straight ahead.

Slamdunk, If only I could get my students to do this. Jan


4. shoutabyss - November 4, 2010

Okay, I’m being completely honest here. I think being drunk really helped in my enjoyment of this entertainment.

Also, I really enjoyed the deadpan look on their faces. Muy beuno!

And, OMG, what’s up with the trophy on the wall! 🙂


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