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Christmas is a Wrap January 2, 2011

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As much as I love Christmas, once the lights come down and the decorations are carted back upstairs, I feel an overwhelming sense of relief.

Oh, the foot?  My son bought that one year for Halloween at the 99 Cent Store. It’s become a family tradition to put it in the foot of one of the boys’ Christmas stockings as a stocking stuffer. In my house, we’re big on traditions. These are the lasting memories that are the stuff of childhood (and later on – therapy).

Unfortunately, our annual tradition of going to see a really inappropriate movie on Christmas Eve was crushed when we showed up to see Rare Exports only to be told it didn’t start until Christmas Day.  In past years, movies have included  GremlinsDeuce Bigalo Male Gigolo, and Bad Santa. What can I say? I live with men. As much as my husband enjoys Love Actually, you can only watch it so many times. Ditto on It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story (though Darren McGavin’s character always reminded my husband of my father).

This year my friend Nora introduced me to The Bishop’s Wife which stars Cary Grant as an angel (think early George Clooney). The movie was released in 1947 when what a woman wanted most was a new hat. The coolest thing the angel does is make it so that the non-believer’s bottle of brandy automatically refill after it’s been poured. Now that’s the spirit of the season!

The day after Christmas we did make it to Rare Exports (Click Here to watch the trailer) to learn the story behind  the Real Santa Claus. It was actually a rather clever movie though it could kill tourism to Finland faster than you can say “dead reindeer.”


1. Catherine Sherman - January 3, 2011

I love Christmas, too, but I’m always happier when the New Year arrives. Relief! Freedom! No heavy-duty holiday obligations!

I can watch “A Christmas Story” endlessly — at least have it on in the background.

My husband is sometimes on call on Christmas, so my tradition has been to go with my kids to a movie. I went with my son to see Bad Santa when it first came out. It has a high squirm factor. What was I thinking? I wanted to put my hand over his eyes. He just scoffed. “I’ve seen this stuff before, Mom.” Yeah, but not with me!

I learned my lesson, though. The next time we went to a Christmas-time movie, we saw the “National Treasure” sequel.

My younger son also though “Bad Santa” was beyond raunchy, while my older one loved it. What were we were thinking?!!! Worse yet, Cloris Leachman was laying in a chair passed out wearing the same dress I bought at Costco. That was in the Goodwill bag the next day!


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