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1. elissestuart - January 5, 2011

Would it be narcissistic of me to think that my post “Gaslighting – The Narcissist’s Game” had anything to do with the 7th spot on the Top Ten words list? I am glad that people are becoming more educated about this tactic of the N.

Elisse – That would be healthy narcissism on your part, as you only want the best for others. How ironic that this term has finally made the Top 10 after it’s been in our Top 10 for going on four years now. 🙂 Jan


elissestuart - January 5, 2011

Yes, 5 years next week – but it took some time to understand how sadistic the abuse had been. I am very proud of that post.
Hugs to you – enjoy your five more days of vacation.


2. shoutabyss - January 5, 2011

I knew all the words except “ebullient.” Such an alien word!

Shout – Ditto on “ebullient.” I find it easier to say “Beulah” than that one. I suppose I could just substitute. 🙂 Jan


3. Catherine Sherman - January 5, 2011

I was “ebullient” to see that “pragmatic” and “doppelganger” were on the list, but I’m going to have to go on an “austerity” program, possibly even instituting a full-blown “moratorium” to avoid their overuse.

I was tempted to link my “googleganger” post here, but didn’t want to get a “shellacking” for my “furtive” plug for my own blog — Actually not furtive, but blatant! 😉

Catherine – I can tell you were one of those students who write a story using ALL of the spelling words! Jan


4. Stuart Noble - January 12, 2011

RE: Field Research: Obama, Art and Participatory Democracy

I’m a research fellow at the University of Copenhagen and am currently conducting research for a book project about the relationships between public and grassroots culture, elections, and the political economy surrounding Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. More specifically, my work focuses on the Obama poster art and “street” art movement and the ways visual communication is utilized as a form of participatory democracy and as a cultural outlet for building and sustaining political communities.

I’m contacting you because of your blog post about David Cordova’s Cholobama campaign art poster and was hoping you had his contact information as I’m interested in conducting an interview with him while on field study in the US this Spring. I would also be interested in speaking with you about your experience with the poster and the blog.

Apologies for contacting you in an unrelated comments thread.

I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience and appreciate your consideration.

Kind regards,

Stuart Noble
Faculty of the Humanities
Center for Transnational American Studies
University of Copenhagen

I’m happy to send you David’s contact info. If Europe ever defrosts and you come to sunny California (it’s been rainy California lately!), I’d be happy to meet with you. Jan


5. Janelle - January 12, 2011

Jan! Oh, I love this post. I’m a logophile myself, you see. My favorite words are combined ones like frenemy and flusterpated. I’ll have to think of a few more to share too. Happy New Year!

Oh, that’s what a “logophile” is? I’ve had a long day working with Legophiles. I also saw a list of 100 word/phrases that should go the way of 2010. One of them was “frenemy.” But when I saw WTF also on the same list, I lost interest. I’ve practically worn out those keys on my keyboard. Happy New Year to you too! Jan


6. Anne @ The Frump Factor - January 22, 2011

SO pleased that “ebullient” is on the list. Such a lovely word. Also pleased to have rediscovered your blog, which I had lost in the shuffle, somehow. Glad to have you back in my reader!

Anne – I read that “ebullient” made the list because it was used so frequently in reference to the rescue of the Chilean miners. I’m ebullient you’ve “rediscovered” my blog. 🙂 Jan


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