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Nuclear Boy’s Radioactive Poo March 19, 2011

Posted by alwaysjan in elementary school, TV/Film.
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How to explain a nuclear meltdown to Japanese children?  This 4-minute animated film was shown on Japanese television and likens a meltdown to Nuclear Boy having Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (Think Everybody Poops with translation.) From the looks of it, Nuclear Boy’s stinky poo would even make Godzilla’s eyes water. But he’s faring better than Chernobyl Boy who had an accurate diarrhea attack – in the classroom.

So far Nuclear Boy has just farted, but he’s being monitored by Sniffer-Man who bears more than a passing resemblance to an Easter Island head. There’s also a trio of doctors giving Nuclear Boy his medicine (Sea Water and Boron), but the middle doctor looks eerily like Dr. Jack Kervorkian, which is not very reassuring. Now, the only thing left to protect the Japanese people is… a diaper. And we all know how effective that is.


1. shoutabyss - March 19, 2011

You always know how to catch my eye. 🙂

I hope you don’t mind if I share this video, too. I gotta do my part to help poo go viral.

Shout – My son told me how hilarious he thought this video was. It was on the Huffington Post in the last day or so. Feel free to share the link. I think their target audience might have been George W. Jan


2. The straight poop on Japan « Shouts from the Abyss - March 19, 2011

[…] you, thank you, thank you to Planet Jan for turning me on to this […]


3. ES - March 19, 2011

…a diaper…I hear that Huggies is making a new one with a pocket at the back and front to catch the messy “leaks”

Elisse – They’re going to need a really BIG one to contain the messy leak in Japan. Huggies better got right on it! Jan


4. oldancestor - March 20, 2011

Yes. Let’s teach children that every time they get an upset stomach, people get radiation poisoning.

“You know those people who died, Fujita? It’s YOUR FAULT. You’ll just have to hold it in from now on.”

Thanks for making me LOL. Jan


5. lilikaofthelake - April 17, 2011

omg that is wild!!! You always have the most delightful things to share xoxo


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