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Dexter’s Response to the Casey Anthony Verdict July 10, 2011

Posted by alwaysjan in Entertainment.
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What can I say? It’s Why I Love Dexter.



1. CZBZ - July 11, 2011

Hahaha!!! I waited until everyone had gone to bed so I’d have time to read your post without being interrupted. They’re probably awake now—wondering why there’s so much commotion in my office!!

O, that is tooooo funny! Thank you!


My son, who is also a Dexter fan, sent this to me. I didn’t rabidly follow the trial like so many, but the Anthony family’s dysfunction was beginning to make Dexter look downright normal. 🙂 Jan


2. shoutabyss - July 11, 2011

LOL! I was hoping it was going to be that Dexter but figured it would be some nephew or something like that.

I’m glad it’s the real deal!

Silly boy, there IS only one Dexter. And you don’t want to have your name on his To Do list!


3. CZBZ - July 11, 2011

I didn’t follow the Anthony story, either. I have watched Dexter since the beginning of the series. He’s the embodiment of my desire for justice and it’s usually best if ‘justice’ is left to fantasy. Or television. There’s something deliciously sinful about watching Dexter and seeing ‘me’ in his bloody revenge and self-justifications.

Maybe he satisfies those of us who will never get closure on an abusive relationship? As long as Dexter fulfills my fantasies, I can sleep like a baby in my own bed and not on some prison cot. ha!



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