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Steve Jobs, iNarcissist » IMG_0547

I couldn’t resist the Free Candle Ap through iTunes by Poets Mobile. You can swipe the candle to put it out or actually blow on it!


1. Gladys M .Rai - January 9, 2012

The candle remains lit…R.I.P. who are we to judge?

I have the candle app on my phone (which is in the photo). Since I frequently blog about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) my interest in Steve Jobs is two-fold. He was a narcissist, so I felt compelled to write about this. It’s not so much a judgement as a statement of fact. That doesn’t diminish the genius of Apple products. I was forced to work on a PC a couple of days ago using Windows. “Right click” my ass is all I have to say. It was like banging rocks together. So for his ability to push Apple to where it is today, I will be forever thankful to Steve Jobs. Jan


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