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Close to Home August 7, 2012

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As a child, I couldn’t for the life of me sell Girl Scout cookies. My next door neighbor, Mrs. Dodge, would buy two boxes from me every year and I suspect my mother called her ahead of time.

So, when my filmmaker husband asked me to blog about his film End of the Beginning because he’s looking to raise $23,000 via crowdfunding on Indiegogo, I visibly winced.

What can I say, filmmaking is his passion. The script is great (I know because I did the final edit.) and those involved are professionals of the highest caliber. Want to buy a cookie?

Check it out. Click End of the Beginning. Even only one box of cookies would help. Boxes of cookies start at $20.


1. Catherine Sherman - August 8, 2012

I could never sell Girl Scout cookies, either. Maybe that’s why I bought so many of them as an adult!

I’m thrilled to be a part of this movie, even if I’m just a contributor. I can’t wait to see it! I’m already planning my red carpet outfit 😉

Haha! You and me babe! All I can say is that the case of cookies you purchased has zero calories. 🙂 Jan


2. Lesley - August 8, 2012

Showed this to my son…who has promised me a ‘box of cookies’ when he gets paid…he’s also downloaded the info from Indiegogo to pass to some film forums he on in this neck of the woods.
Every little helps.

Thanks so much, Les. One never knows. And may you cookies be Ginger Snaps! LOL Jan


3. elissestuart - August 8, 2012

We didn’t sell Girl Scout cookies in our house – we are now in the second of the last four years selling popcorn, See’s candy…and I forget what else. Our boys were always big sellers of the pocorn since they would go to scrapbooking with me and bat their eyelashes at the ladies and they ended up selling the most in band.
Good luck!

I’m past batting my eyelashes. These are Karma Cookies we’re selling. :)Jan


elissestuart - August 10, 2012

I thot of you today as I begged 14 year olds for a miserly $5 each for “use at my work establishment…” I feel so rejected….. 🙂

I feel your pain. As it’s become harder to finance a film, crowdfunding has filled the gap. It’s a bit like Donorschoose.org where you can find a project you find interesting and fund it. A lot of people can make something happen with a small donation. Unfortunately those people don’t tend to be 14-year-olds. 🙂 Jan


4. shoutabyss - August 14, 2012

Wow. That looks fantastic! I watched the video of everyone talking about it and even that looks well made. 😉

So, if I contribute, does that make me an executive producer, with all the perks and privileges to go with? I’ve always wanted my name in the credits of a movie. 🙂

Yes, depending on your level on contribution, you could get a credit AND end up on the casting couch with the pig! Jan


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