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Breaking Bad-ify Your Name September 2, 2013

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Watching Breaking Bad is one of my guilty pleasures. It helps that it’s on Sunday night because come Monday, I go into G-rated teacher mode and get to hear who had a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

I remember when Walter White was just a schlubby high school chemistry teacher and his star student, Jesse Pinkman, had an unlined face.  Time flies when you’re having fun/or on the run. What an amazing ride!  And what fun to watch Bryan Cranston, who I best remember rollerskating on Malcom in the Middle, undergo his own professional development. (I had to throw in some teacher talk.) On KROQ radio the other morning, they played Aaron Paul’s audition tape for the the role of Jesse. It was so much fun to listen to Jesse’s innocent voice.

So it’s with some nostalgia that I watch the final season. Today, my friend Buddy put up his name on Facebook, so it looks like the Breaking Bad credits. I’m not going to use his name, nor mine, but it’s easy for you to do. Go to Breaking Bad-ify Your Name and find the Name Lab Facebook App (which will then “cook” your name.) You can only do this to the name you’re registered under on Facebook and can then either download a cover or profile pic. Dang! I’d hoped to Bad-ify my blog Planetjan and even make a cool name tag for my door for Back to School Night. I’m afraid those ideas have now gone up in smoke.

You know it’s occurred to me that I usually sign my name with a double M. MM.
Turn that upside down and you’ve got WW.  Serendipity?

If you haven’t watched the show, boy what a binge-watch you have in store.


1. Catherine Sherman - September 2, 2013

I’m only halfway through Season One. After watching a couple of episodes, I used a periodic table of the elements place mat (everyone needs one) to try to make words out of the symbols. Thanks for making it easier.

You’ve got it made if you have an S, a C or an N in your name, like me, ha, ha, but when I did the Name Lab app it didn’t go for the obvious of C (Carbon), S (Sulphur) or N (Nitrogen) but chose In (Indium) and He (Helium).

If people want to create their own names, here’s a Periodic Table. http://education.jlab.org/itselemental/index_sym.html

P.S. It’s good that this Name Lab is giving Indium some publicity, because it seems to be pretty useless. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indium
Indium is not known to be used by any organism, but sometimes is used as a radiotracer in medical testing.

Yes, Indium seems like a wannabe, but when I saw it’s used for touch screens, it commanded a modicum of respect. 🙂 Jan


2. elissestuart - September 2, 2013

I guess I’m going to be binge-watching because I have no idea what this show is about. I only have a reasonably smart phone – It has not passed the CAHSEE so I do not have any APPs – Can I still “badify” my name? Do tell.

With your HITH moniker, I think you’re already badass enough! As per what the show is about, just envision the lengths you’d go to get new books for your library…and then some.Jan


elissestuart - September 2, 2013

Oh, the mafia meets reading time….got it.


3. czbz - October 6, 2013

I haven’t watched the last few episodes after “the train” and avoid anyone who’s writing about the series (which keeps me watching even though it irritates me no end!!)

Anyway, I got your message about plagiarism and can’t find your comment. Would you mind updating me? I’m headed out for a long-awaited vacation next week and might not respond right away. And guess where my daughter and I are going? (We’ve saved our money and paid in advance).

Yea, The Smithsonian. If it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all. Ha!

Hi CZ,

Hi CZ,
My original comment and the post seem to be missing, but I’ve found a second post from my blog “Narcissistic Game Playing” printed word for word. There seems to be no way to comment unless you’re a member? Infuriating!

Surviving the Narcissist relationship (the name of this page on Facebook)
September 21
Narcissistic Game Playing

When I read that “narcissists employ a Ludic love style,” my eyes almost crossed. But I kept reading. “Ludus is characterized by game playing, an aversion to partner dependence, attention to extradyadic others and deception.” Whoa, does that sound familiar? Other than the extradyadic part? (And that’s just a fancy word for infidelity.)
What I found most interesting was…See More

Jan here, the post is printed word for word and credited to this website.
Always, Jan
Mmmmm. The Smithsonian is always good – that is if the government is up and running?
FYI: I’ve since filed a complaint with Facebook having to do with theft of intellectual property. What a pain, but we have to fight the good fight, eh? My brother is a federal employee, so he’s available to walk you around the outside of the Smithsonian?
Always, Jan


4. elissestuart - August 20, 2014

Wish I could do one as Mrs. Stuart for my room sign. Oh well, not signing up for FB just to get my name in green.


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