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Breaking Bad Blues December 24, 2013

Posted by alwaysjan in Entertainment, Popular Culture.
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Happy Holidays from The Whites by Paul Gitto at redbubble.

The seasonal malaise started early. I’m not talking about Christmas, but the Season 5 finale of Breaking Bad on Sept. 29th.

After teaching third graders all day and having to repeatedly remind them to sit “criss cross applesauce,” I so enjoy watching TV shows that prominently feature the alphabet – as in V for Violence, L for Language, and S for Sexual Situations. I like to think of it as a yin yang kinda thing, so the end of my five-year escape to the dark side with Walter White and Jesse has me down.

I was stepping out to buy more butter for making cookies this morning when I found this card in my mailbox. It had been hand delivered by a friend who for the longest time couldn’t fathom my interest in watching Breaking Bad.  

“How do you reconcile the fact that he’s a drug dealer?” she asked. I could only shrug. She has since binge watched all five seasons and had a dazed look after the finale. Whoa! What a ride!

I’d thought about posting something nostalgic as it IS Christmas, but when it’s in the 80s in SoCal, it’s so not a Love Actually scenario. In the interest of trying to view the glass of eggnog as half full…

When I was in the UK over the summer, everyone was all aflutter watching The Returneda French series (Les Revenants), but it was only available via Channel 4. Think of it as a French Twin Peaks. I was excited to see that The Returned began airing on the Sundance Channel in October and highly recommend  it.

My husband and I have also been watching Getting On on HBO, which is based on a British series with the same name. It took me two episodes to fully embrace the show, but now it’s a must see.

That said, none of the above series feature a sidekick who can use the word “bitch” with the regularity and conviction of Jesse Pinkman. Sad face. If you’ll never look at the Periodic Table of Elements again in the same way, then here’s a holiday gift for you.

Click HERE to read the 60 most memorable quotes from Breaking Bad.


1. Tom B. Taker - December 24, 2013

VLS? Sounds like coal may be in your future. Naughty, naughty. 🙂

We just received BB:S5 as a Christmas present (unwrapped). So we watched E1 and E2 last night. So exciting.

Happy Helium to you and yours. May you have an elemental holiday season that is off the charts, at least periodically. (That fell flat but I’m not about to try harder.)

You are cooking! My next post will be on Scandium dramas. BTW, I bet my pile of coal is >yours. Jan


2. Richard - December 24, 2013

Walt would approve.


3. Lynette d'Arty-Cross - December 28, 2013

Hi Jan – good to read a witty post from you again! Thanks for the recommendations – I will be sure to take a look at “The Returned.” Happy New Year! 🙂

“The Returned” is an apt title as I see we’ve both taken a breather from blogging. 🙂 I’ll tell you what I have in store on your blog. Jan


4. Catherine Sherman - December 30, 2013

I’m halfway through “Breaking Bad,” so I still have many more disturbing episodes to look forward to.

My husband was a college chemistry lab teacher for a couple of years, but he only cooks food…

Not to glorify drug use, which in the case of meth is beyond horrifying, but here are dolphins enjoying a buzz from a puffer fish. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2530664/High-not-dry-Dolphins-filmed-chewing-toxic-puffer-fish-enjoy-narcotic-like-effects.html


5. Lesley - December 31, 2013

Can’t wait for ‘The Returned’ series two…are they dead,alive or in some fugue state in between?Who cares, it’s fun to guess…
I’m less a ‘Breaking Bad fan’ than a Scandidrama freak …all those sub-titles over the years have almost given me conversational Swedish as a bonus!
Although Stateside you do excellent adaptations of the originals,’The Killing’,’The Bridge’ etc….

Gott Nytt Ar Alla 2014!


In Swedish no less! I’m spending my New Year’s Eve with the usual suspects along with Detective Harry Hole. eLesley turned me onto Norwegian author Jo Nesbo. (Imagine a slash through that last “o.”) Thanks so much for turning me onto “The Returned.” It’s true that many of “our” hit series began elsewhere, including “Homeland.” “Getting On,” which I recommended is a remake of a British series. From California, Feliz Ano Nuevo! Jan


6. czbz - December 31, 2013

Hi Jan! Happy New Years (I still haven’t watched the last half of the Breaking Bad series). Say, I nominated you for a Narcissist Slayer award if you have time to swing by my blog. Maybe this will inspire you to write a few more entries about narcissism! I hope so!

Happy New Year to you CZ. Thanks so much for the nod. WordPress sent me my blog’s year’s-end-wrap-up, which was chock full of stats put together by their “stat monkeys.” There was even mention that some of my most popular posts were written in previous years, so my work had “staying power.” It was suggested that I might want to write a few more posts along those lines. Thanks for the welcome nudge. All the best to you in 2014! I’ll check out your blog, which is always a joy. Always, Jan


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