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A Psychologist’s Open Letter Regarding Narcissism August 30, 2015

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A friend, who is a therapist, just posted a link to  A Psychologist’s Open Letter to U.S. Voters from The Huffington Post. This is definitely worth a read as Dr. Craig Malkin, a Clinical Psychologist and Instructor at the Harvard Medical School, addresses the narcissistic continuum as it pertains to politics. He cautions voters to be wary of what they applaud for as their applause is music aka Narcissistic Supply to the Narcissist’s ears. A very interesting read.


1. Catherine Sherman - August 30, 2015

Very interesting. Can we shape the N politician’s behavior by withholding attention and applause? Perhaps we can indirectly by not giving the media a reason to publicize the most egregious behavior by ignoring the big mouths. (Ain’t gonna happen, sadly.) The media fans the flames for ratings.

My opinion is that they are all scoundrels or at the very least flawed human beings as we all are. It amazes me when voters become starry eyed or enthusiastic over any of these characters. We need to go back to the idea of citizen politicians/public servants (emphasis on serving the public not themselves) without all of the fanfare and hero worship. I’m afraid those
days are long gone.

I’m afraid you’re right. I’m disappointed that so many in the media are complicit as well. That said, aren’t we all flawed human beings? I would be the first in line. (I’ll hold a place for you! >wink<) Jan


Catherine Sherman - August 30, 2015

Thanks, Jan. I don’t think many would object if I jumped the Flawed Human Being line, ha, ha.


2. Tracy - August 31, 2015

Some of the comments to this article are so missing the point. A shame, when it’s such a thoughtful article.


3. Richard - August 31, 2015

When I hear the majority of presidential candidates bending their rhetoric to compete with the clearly NPD GOP frontrunner referenced in this article, it makes me think of a quote from Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 book IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE – “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

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