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Why I Love Dogs August 17, 2009

Posted by alwaysjan in Pets.
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Mario's dog Spaghetti belts out a tune

My dogs keep me sane. Just when I’m taking myself or the world way too seriously, our two mutts Petey and Reese engage in their nightly wrestling match that is every bit as entertaining as Lucha Libre. Same thing every night, and every night I laugh hysterically. Every morning Reese sits just inside the dog door so our pig Maisie can’t come in the house. Then later in the day, Maisie lounges in front of the dog door so the dogs can’t go out. It’s like having toddlers again.

The pig thinks she is a dog and lines up with them for a treat. We refer to them as The Three Amigos. Petey, who we believe is half coyote, is the hunter. His prize catch is a sock, which he carries proudly around the house. Thank god dogs threw their lot in with humans, or Petey would have starved to death in the wild.

I recently read two interesting articles on dogs. MSNBC featured an article Dogs are Smarter Than ToddlersNeither of my dogs would qualify for Mensa as they’re blissfully happy to be canine underachievers.

Pet Dogs Rival Humans for Emotional Satisfaction in New Scientist is also a good read. Researchers found that after playing with their dogs, people showed an increase in oxytocin, known as the “cuddle chemical.”  I could have saved those researchers a big wad of cash and told them that up front. Nothing helps put the problems of the world in perspective like a good game of fetch.

My father-in-law’s dog, Penny, recently died after a long happy dog life. He so misses her company that he’s taken to walking his neighbor’s dog every night. Our friend Mario, who’s an opera singer, took the picture of his dog Spaghetti who loved to sit alongside him at the piano and play and sing.Spaghetti has since gone to doggie heaven. Spaghetti’s successor Linguini is no musical prodigy, but more importantly, he’s a dog.


1. Catherine Sherman - August 17, 2009

I always enjoy reading about your amazing menagerie. Dog people are truly devoted.

Just this morning I was thinking of how my daughter has gone over to “the dog side”. She left her cat with us, and he is now coming to us hesitatingly for affection. First his brother Paddington moved out. Then Laura. Poor thing knows something is not right here. He wishes he was part of a trio. Malcolm ignores him.

You can see Laura’s new canine companions in her photos on facebook called “The Left Coast,” the title of which she got from you. She has already gone to a dog beach. I feel displaced myself!

Animals are wonderful! I’ve been working on another post about my animal passion — cats!


2. Bev from england - August 17, 2009

Oh this was fab jan….I love dogs and i love maisie soooo much…im always pleased to read more about her ! Toddlers indeed !

my latest dog is no mensa candidate either….. hes actually special needs having been brain damaged at birth….when we ‘rescued’ him from the dog home they said how nice it was that we could see beyond his imperfections….i thought, you guys should see the rest of the family…hell fit in quite well ! He gives us so many laughs tho i do get annoyed when he has to pee on anything new i get 😛

Bev – Brain damaged at birth? His mum obviously didn’t drop him on his head, so how’d that come about? I might start explaining some of my dogs’ odd behavior by telling people they were brain damaged at birth. When he has the sock in his mouth, Petey definitely looks the part! Jan


3. Christine - August 17, 2009

It took me a while to appreciate the “cuddle factor” of your dogs when their romping in the den spilled red wine all over my white shirt as I sat on the floor watching a movie. However, when they are sleeping, they are adorable (just like toddlers).

Christine – Oh yeah, that. Have to admit I’ve got wine/coffee/ice tea stains on a lot of my clothes too. That’s what you get for sitting ringside at Lucha Libre! Jan


4. Bev from england - August 18, 2009

well….not AT birth as such maybe, not sure, but he was born with the damage… well I wasnt there obv lol ….but he has co ordination problems and a few other issues so i guess hes got a dog form of cerebral palsy ! He does the funniest things bless him

…as for tea etc stains (not wine in my case tho) I have them too but just cos IM a clumsy thing…i cant blame the petes 😉


Bev -Sounds like you’ve both got some coordination issues. 🙂 Jan


5. Bev from england - August 18, 2009

hahahaha look at my typo? PETES lol…i cant blame him either but i did actually mean pets……

now ull be excited u have replies n one is me being foolish *whistles n walks away*

Bev – I’m sure Freud would have something to say about confusing your husband’s name with “pets,” but he (Freud that is) had a lot of issues himself! Jan


6. Janelle - August 21, 2009

Well, you may be surprised to know that one of the reasons I have two Maine Coon cats is because they are supposed to be the “cats for dog lovers.” They fetch, and trill, and are much more interactive then other cats I’ve known. However, they are not dogs, and I would like a dog and a pig, but there are only so many animals you can fit in a 900 sq. ft. house!

Janelle – My dogs went a hiding’ when they saw a picture of a Maine Coon Cat. They figure the reason they’re so like dogs is they’ve eaten one or two. Jan


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