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Trump’s Rampant Narcissism March 8, 2016

Posted by alwaysjan in Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Politics.
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I like to find a graphic before I begin writing and let’s face it – it’s been a while. As Trump dominates the news, what better image than Frank Underwood’s cufflinks from the Netflix series House of Cards?  Frank is the cloying sociopath who has wormed his way (with help from his wife, Claire, who is cut from the same cloth) into the highest office in the land – the  President of the United States. Sound familiar?

I read an interview today  Donald Trump and Narcissistic Personality Disorder – An Interview with Sam Vaknin on American Thinker, an uber conservative blog focusing on national security issues and Israel. Vaknin is a former Israeli citizen who was imprisoned there for fraud and now hangs his hat in Macedonia. He is the author of Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited. I like to think of Vaknin as the Head Vampire. But then I’m sentimental.

I’ve mentioned Vaknin once before in Barack Obama is a Narcissist and Other Urban Myths. Although this interview cites Vaknin’s numerous academic titles and refers to him as “Dr. Vaknin,” that title was bought via a diploma mill in California. Vaknin is touted as the ultimate authority when it comes to Narcissistic Personality Disorder while the interviewer fails to mention that Vaknin has proclaimed himself a “self-aware narcissist.”

That said, his assessment of Donald Trump, based on way too many hours of watching him on video, is pretty spot on.

Vaknin wonders, in light of Trump’s call to kill the families of terrorists, if there could be something else in play here aside from NPD. Since then, Trump has backtracked and I chalk up a lot of this due to his bombastic style and telling people what they want to hear at any given moment. He turns on a dime.

Should we be more alarmed about the popularity of Donald Trump or his “followers” who are basking in the Idealization Phase? Those who know a thing or two about Narcissistic Personality Disorder know what comes next. And it ain’t pretty.


1. Lynette d'Arty-Cross - March 8, 2016

I think that Trump is probably a narcissist. Even if lot of what he says is just bombast designed to get votes, his behaviour and pronouncements are scary. If he is, (and he becomes president – a very unsettling thought) you’re completely right that what comes next won’t be pretty.

Good post. 🙂 Welcome back. 🙂

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2. Tracy - March 8, 2016

Hi Jan,

Have you watched the documentary on Vaknin? Interesting to those of us who have suffered at the hands of these freaks:

And thanks for the link to the article at American Thinker- though the majority of replies seemed to be mostly from apparent KKK members.

I’m watching the US elections from AU with complete horror! I knew there were bigots & dimwits in the US, but this is beyond anything I could ever have imagined. The comparison to the followers of Hitler is frightening.


alwaysjan - March 8, 2016

My husband went with a group of film students to Germany in the late 1970s where they were allowed to watch Nazi propaganda films that to this day are kept under lock and key. He said there were films with the production values of “Gone with the Wind.” They’ve been kept in a vault for fear of fanning the flames of nationalism all over again. And yes, after watching so much film footage, my husband turned to me while we watched Trump at a rally and said, “This looks like Germany in the 1930s!” I find this all very troubling.

Thanks for the link. I’ve seen portions of it and as you know, I have a link to Robert Hare’s site on my blog. What was not mentioned was that Sam’s wife grew up with a father with NPD and in another documentary, she said that’s the only type of relationship she’s even known. She’s been the mouse her entire life around cats? Jan


Tracy - March 9, 2016

Well Jan, I now say that “there are only two types of people in the world- sociopaths & codependents. If you stop to consider which one you are, you’re NOT the sociopath” – lol.

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3. shoutabyss - March 14, 2016

I’ve had this feeling my gut for some time that the absolute worst reason to vote for any politician is the words they say. With Trump I feel like I’m about to give birth.

This is sounding very “Rosemary’s Baby”-ish!
A, Jan

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